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Tomorrow's Education Today - Where The World Is Your Classroom

Internet and computer based learning is no longer the wave of the future; it is at hand.  Higher education and the business community have been quick to capitalize on the benefits of offering courses and trainings via the Internet.  Elementary and secondary education is now striving to take full advantage of technology to provide stimulating and safe learning environments for students.  Pleasant Community Academy has been established in an effort to provide the best possible blended  learning opportunity by taking advantage of a traditional classroom setting, enriched with adaptive learning online opportunities.


We have created an environment that provides students an enhanced learning experience – one that they may not be able to receive in a traditional classroom.



Pleasant Community Academy Benefits

*Academic environment of a traditional kindergarten classroom blended with rich online educational opportunities.

*Full Day Kindergarten 



Tuition is FREE – PCDA is a public school


Ohio certified teachers provide instruction


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Dr. Shelly Dason, Superintendent